Attention Gamers!  Friendly Computers loves gaming systems! Our technicians LOVE technology and they LOVE building custom gaming systems! Using only the highest quality components, Friendly Computers can build anything you need for your custom gaming, high-performance hardware and software needs.

Not sure what you need to play the latest version of your favorite game? We can determine your specific needs and build the perfect system just for you!  We can also procure the appropriate HD monitors or multi-monitor installations, with ergonomically-designed keyboards, stereo-quality speakers, and custom, LED cases.  We can plan and design the best set up for your specific needs.  We have built custom water-cooled gaming systems, high-end performance desktops, and everything in between. We can build and install gaming systems with a single monitor, two to five curved monitors, multi-level monitors, and high definition large-screen systems.  Tell us your preference and leave the rest to us!