What is FriendlyCare?

FriendlyCare is a lightweight application that lets us monitor your computer’s health so we can proactively solve your issues before they become a pain.  Stuff is going to happen to your computer that puts it at risk or requires attention, like viruses, new software updates or data breaches.  FriendlyCare alerts you to potential problems so you can get in touch with me anytime you need help.  Once Installed, FriendlyCare runs in the background with minimal to no impact on your computer’s speed or performance.

How can FriendlyCare help me?

It monitors for potential problems so you can pass it off to us before it becomes a real pain for you. You’ll get a simple notification if a problem arises, and easily be able to get in touch with me using FriendlyCare, if you’d like.

What is Included in FriendlyCare?

FriendlyCare comes as an Annual Package per device that includes the following:

  • Managed Anti-virus / Anti-Malware Protection
  • Website Filtering & Protection
  • Advanced Security Monitoring
  • Discounted Service Rates
  • Unlimited Free In-Shop Labor
  • Unlimited Virus Removals
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Desktop Notifications and Quick Service Requests.
  • 24/7 Proactive Computer Monitoring including:
    • Anti-Virus Health
    • Windows Crashing
    • Low Hard Drive Space
    • Application Crash
    • Hardware Health
    • Hard Drive Health and Fragmentation
    • Firewall Health
  • Windows Update Management
  • Software Patch Management

Extend the lifetime of your machine by letting us maintain it for you!

What information can you see? Can you see my private information?

No. The information we can see is purely for diagnosing and fixing hardware and software issues. We do not track personal information.  Examples of information we can see are:

  • Hardware Information (Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Hard Drive)
  • What applications are installed on the computer
  • What applications run on startup
  • Recent malware found by Antivirus

Why is there an annual charge?

FriendlyCare is an around-the-clock service. We are always working to keep your computer in tip-top shape, so charging an annual rate lets us keep watch every day - not just when disaster strikes.

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